Marvel Film & TV Stars Come Together in Support of Fan With Cancer

By May 17, 2014

Sophie Caldecott loves her father and has done a heroic deed in his honor.

When comic book and Marvel movie fan Stratford Caldecott, 60, was too ill to go to the theater to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier due to his advanced prostate cancer, Sophie turned to Twitter to champion an online campaign to get her father a DVD of the film before its regular release date in August.


Armed with the hashtag #CapForStrat, other fans started posting pictures of themselves (either in or out of cosplay) in order to grab the attention of the stars of The Avengers and “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” to convince them to join in the campaign and put a smile on her father’s face.

And guess what? It worked.


In keeping with his reputation as “the nicest guy in the Marvel film universe,” Avengers star Mark Ruffalo (center) was the first on board with his #CapForStrat pic saying “Hang Tough, Strat! We are pulling for you.” in his tweet, and as you can see, many other stars followed suit – including the Twitter-shy Jeremy Renner, who took a pic for Ruffalo to post on his account. Also, this campaign caused Captain America himself (Chris Evans) to post his FIRST EVER selfie.

That’s pretty damn awesome.


Along with the pics, many of the stars have sent Stratford words of encouragement. BAMF Samuel L. Jackson tweeted “Keep fighting and Stay Strong, Strat! You can do it!” when posting his pic and when Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth and Iron Man‘s RDJ himself posted their #CapForStrat, Downey said, “Thor and Iron Man got your back, Strat.”

Sophie is completely over the moon with the support from stars and fans of the Marvel universe and Friday on her blog, Something For A Rainy Day, happily acknowledging “how great Christopher Markus and the people at Marvel have been, how great the actors have been, how great the general public have been, and, most importantly, the courage of cancer patients, their families and their doctors and nurses around the world.”

When even the LEGO Avengers get in on the action, you know you’ve done something right.


Sophie and her dad have already gotten their wish, and even though the campaign is a success, it’d still be cool to see Scarlett Johansson, Iain De Caestecker, Hayley Atwell, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan chime in with their support sometime soon.

Hang in there, Strat!

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