Marvel Gives ‘Spider-Man’ Asian-American Character ‘Silk’ Her Own Comic Series

By October 16, 2014

Everyone has their version of “livin’ the American Dream,” and the dream always ends with becoming a success in whatever they choose.

Enter Cindy Moon, an Asian-American girl from Queens.

Cindy Moon was introduced in “Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3” #1, and her alter ego, Silk, was first seen in “Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3” #3, where she made quite a splash with her own great storyline.


In the comics, Queens resident Cindy Moon’s life was forever altered when she attended General Techtronics Corporation’s safety demonstration of the handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials and was bitten by the very same spider that bit Peter Parker – it bit his hand, fell off, then bit her in the ankle and died. But unlike Peter, Cindy knew Ezekiel Sims: a man who mentored, trained, and protected her from the evil Morlun. After being introduced to Parker, they had a torrid affair and she helped him battle the likes of Black Cat and Electro, saved him from being unmasked by Black Cat on live television, and saved both he AND Electro when the device meant to eliminate Electro’s powers was messed with by Black Cat and exploded (luckily no one was hurt and Electro did indeed lose his powers).

While sharing the same radioactivity, she’s not quite as strong as Spidey BUT she has more agility, stronger “Spidey senses” AND can produce webbing through her fingertips. That’s pretty dang cool.

And now she’s getting her own comic book series!

While at New York Comic-Con, Marvel revealed that Silk would be spun-off (pun intended) to a series of her own, with story by Robbie Thompson (“Supernatural”) and art by Stacey Lee, arriving in stores February 2015.

I know those who haven’t read the recent comics featuring her are thinking, “Where the hell has this girl been the whole time?” Well, Marvel’s got that covered, too. Once mentor Ezekiel Sims knew Morlun was after her, he hid her in a bunker where she willingly lived for ten years until Spidey tells her Morlun’s dead.


But as writer Thompson himself told the Daily News:

Cindy (Moon) has been situated in such a unique way – she’s tied to so much, and yet is completely free to find her own place in this amazing universe. For new readers, there’s the fun of watching a brand new character interact with an established, incredible universe; for established readers, you get to see a new hero with direct ties to an enormous event in Marvel’s History come up against icons and villains that fans know and love, and see her unique point of view on that universe. So there’s something for everyone here, I hope.

Thompson goes on to say the effects of living in said bunker for ten years will be evident when Moon joins the real world in real time (storyline is set in 2014) and struggles to adapt and adjust to what we know as “normal.”

The world has changed so much, from the practical, to the personal to the super-heroic. Twitter, binge-watching TV shows, the various cataclysmic Marvel Events that have gone down over the years – it’s all new to Cindy. And while she’s desperate to catch up, she’s also surprised and at times bewildered by how much has changed.

I don’t know about you, but all these things spell “AWESOME” to me. The proof, however, will be in the proverbial pudding when “Silk” hits comic book stores February 2015.

In the meantime, enjoy this variant cover art for issue #1!


What do you think? I’m DYING to know!

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