Marvel Mocks ‘Batman v Superman’ Big Time in New ‘Spider-Man/Deadpool’ Issue

By June 29, 2016

In case you weren’t already aware, the newest issue of Marvel’s Spider-Man/Deadpool didn’t pull any punches when it came to mocking current superhero movies (H/T, and it’s primary target? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, coming out coincidentally the same week that the DC film’s Ultimate Edition has been released on Digital HD.

Written by Comedy Bang! Bang‘s Scott Aukerman, the newest issue finds the Merc with a Mouth seeking Spider-Man’s help to make sure that his new Hollywood movie doesn’t suck basically, since Spider-Man sold out to Hollywood years ago, in Deadpool’s eyes anyways. There he finds Spider-Man, the comic book golden child and someone who’s just recently had his cinematic career put back on track, lamenting about how dark and gloomy superhero movies have become.

marvel bvs mocking 2

Then the duo head to the actual studio itself, with a few key select panels not only referencing Fox’s cautious nature when it came to connecting Deadpool with the X-Men franchise, but also the odd(?) pairing of he and Colossus onscreen, since Spider-Man refuses while speaking with the studio execs.

marvel bvs mocking 4

The characters then fight the Salmon Stuntman, the issue’s villain, as he attempts to replace a bunch of movie’s practical effects with CGI ones instead. The battle even makes stops at sets for movies like Jurassic World, which I think some film fans out there might really appreciate. Finally, Deadpool and Spider-Man capture the Salmon Stuntman, though I’ll refrain from revealing who he is or what his ultimate plan is because you really should read the full issue.

There is a moment though when Spidey has what he thinks is a pretty bright idea, that maybe the new Deadpool movie should actually be true to the character and the comics that it’s based on, that it should give fans what they love about the character, but onscreen. Maybe they could even cast a real action movie star like Ryan Reynolds in the role right?

Like he says, he’s new to producing, but it doesn’t sound all that complex or challenging to comprehend.

marvel bvs mocking 3

Unfortunately, in the issue, the studio decides to not listen to Spider-Man, and instead of releasing a movie based on Deadpool‘s life, they release Nighthawk v Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom, two characters that were created as Batman and Superman stand-ins by Marvel, basically. Oh, and what is the poster’s tagline you ask? “You Won’t Believe Their Mothers Share a First Name!

…. Subtle.

Then the panel ends with Deadpool and Spider-Man complaining about the movie’s nonsensical nature, with Deadpool not understanding how they were fighting for the whole movie and then suddenly best friends the next. While Spider-Man wishes the movie had focused more on itself and less on setting up the next eight movies in the franchise.

I have no idea what they’re talking about though.

marvel bvs mocking 1

He’s right Deadpool, you’ll always get another rebooted chance. Though Nighthawk v Hyperion might not.

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