Marvel Studios Has Roadmap Up To 2028 According To Kevin Feige

By April 3, 2014

Bloomberg Businessweek has just released a fascinating profile on Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige in which, among other things, we learn that the company has its slate of film releases planned out until 2028.

In the profile, a map of films hanging on the wall of Feige’s office is described, but sadly there is no mention of what those film might be. Feige had this to say about the projected slate of projects:

It’s like looking through the Hubble telescope. You go, ‘What’s happening back there? I can sort of see it’. They printed out a new one recently that went to 2028.

Currently, Marvel is releasing two films a year, and Feige is looking to up that production to three to four releases a year, so we’re looking at a whole lot of Marvel films, only a handful of which are officially confirmed sequels to current franchises. Considering Marvel’s track record, the possibilities of what’s in store are pretty exciting. Here’s hoping there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

The profile is chock full of inside scoop, funny anecdotes, and more, a must-read for any Marvel fan. It even goes in-depth with some of the major conflicts Feige had with Disney back in the day, including his insistence on releasing The Avengers after Thor and Captain America, rather than following Disney’s desire to have the characters introduced in the ensemble film first. Another piece of trivia? Feige also overruled Disney’s objections to setting the first Captain America in the 1940s.

The profile also includes a few Galaxy of the Guardians teasers, including the possibility of solo spinoff films for Gamora, Star-Lord, Drax, Groot and Rocket Raccoon. And one Galaxy of the Guardians kind of/sort of spoiler:

Gunn freezes a frame of an imposing-looking villain any serious comic book fan would recognize instantly. He sits on a rocket-powered throne.

That lends a whole lot of credibility to all of those Thanos rumors!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Marvel’s latest release and has already garnered excellent reviews. The film opens in the U.S. tomorrow (April 4).

What are some Marvel films you’d like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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