Marvel’s Phase 2 Blu-Ray Box Set Art is Simply Gorgeous!

By November 24, 2015

Re-releases, special editions and box sets are nothing new to film fans and can sometimes be frustrating to those who have already invested money into the original DVD or Blu-ray editions of their favorite films. I’m often too cheap or not patient enough to either buy the films again or wait for the entire box set or special edition. The only exception was the Extended Editions of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films as they were updated versions of the films with hours of additional content. I wish I was as patient with the Marvel films as I was with the Peter Jackson epics because I adore those films. It’s much easier to wait a few months than a few years for all the films of an entire Marvel Phase to be released.

As many of you may know Marvel Studios breaks down their Marvel Cinematic Universe into different Phases. Phase 2, which began with Iron Man 3, has come to a close with the release of Ant-Man. Now with all the Marvel Studio Phase 2 films out and Ant-Man arriving in DVD and Blu-ray on December 8th Marvel is advertising their release of the Phase 2 box set. got an exclusive first look at the disc sleeve art for the box set and they look spectacular! The designs are courtesy of Matt Ferguson (@Cakes_Comics), an artist who has garnered some attention recently for creating some posters for various films.

Check out the disc art below!

antman-blu-ray-cover-art-matt-ferguson age of ultron cover art guardians-of-the-galaxy-blu-ray-cover-art-matt-ferguson wintersoldier cover art thor-2-dark-world-blu-ray-cover-art-matt-ferguson marve-phase-2-blu-ray-cover-art-matt-ferguson iron-man-3-blu-ray-cover-art-matt-ferguson

While I probably won’t pick up that box set as I already own most of these films if they release these images as prints I may have to pick a couple of these up. These are all gorgeous but I think my favorites are Captain America: Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy. That one of Thanos on his throne is pretty fantastic too!

The limited edition, 13-Disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Collection will be available exclusively on Amazon starting December 8th. 

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  • David Johnson

    Cool GOTG gets 2!!!!