Matt Damon Only Has About 25 Lines in ‘Jason Bourne’

By July 19, 2016

At the end of next week, Matt Damon is set to make his highly-anticipated return onscreen as Jason Bourne, in the new self-titled film from returning director Paul Greengrass. The character, who is arguably the closest America has to its very own James Bond, has always been a bit more of the silent badass type than the suave, talkative man that’s in the Bond films though, and apparently in the newest film, he’s taking those characteristics to a whole new level.

While speaking with The Guardian, Greengrass and Christopher Rouse revealed that after they had finished writing the script for the new film, they realized that Damon would only have about 25 lines of dialogue throughout the entirety of it. Though, that didn’t bother Damon too much, according to the actor.

“Well, I’ve done it three times. In the first movie, the Marie Kreutz character [Bourne’s girlfriend, played by Franka Potente) is still alive, so Bourne has a sounding board and he’s more confused about who he is and a lot more chatty. Once she dies in the first act of the second movie, it’s really a very lonely character. And we talked about that mostly on the second one. I remember Tony writing me an email saying, ‘You do realize what this means? You do realize you’re not going to talk in this movie.’ I said, ‘No, I love that.”

So if Damon only has about 25 lines in the film, that means that there’s only 19 more lines that we haven’t heard, since he’s already spoken 6 of them in the previous trailers and TV spots for the movie, which means that the new film could be even more action-packed than we thought it was going to be.

Bourne has always been a character of a few words though, often using whatever dialogue he has the way he uses punches in a fight, using them only when they’re the most effective or shocking. Considering he’s even older now than he was in the previous films though, the quieter version of the character, who will meet both new and old faces in the film could be even deadlier than he’s ever been before.

Jason Bourne is set to hit theatres on July 29th.

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