Matt Ryan Will Return as John Constantine in ‘Justice League Dark’

By July 27, 2016

It’s been an interesting few weeks for Constantine fans, after the CW released all thirteen episodes of the short-lived NBC series on their streaming platform, leading many to believe the network could be considering bringing the show back to life, and rumors that he would become a series regular in the DC TV universe moving forwards. As of right now, nothing has come from either of the rumors, even despite the constant hope from fans.

However, it looks like Matt Ryan will be reprising his role as Constantine after all, though it’s not quite how many fans might have expected.

It has been announced in a new bonus featured included with Batman: The Killing Joke that Ryan will be doing the voice for Constantine in Warner Bros.’ next made-for-home animated movie release, Justice League Dark. The actor shared his excitement for the news in the featurette, saying:

“I really wanted to jump into this project to play Constantine in a different context, around some of the iconic characters that are in the DC ‘dark’ world,”

Now, obviously this isn’t the live-action return that many fans had hoped for, especially considering how beloved and critically-acclaimed Ryan’s turn as the character had been in the NBC series, even despite some of the mixed reviews that the show got as a whole.

There’s no denying the odd and coincidental increase in Constantine-related news ever since the thirteen episodes were aded to the CW seed, so I’d say that fans are probably safe in keeping hope alive that they might seen Ryan return in live-action form as the character, for the time being at least. Until then though, at least they can revel in knowing they’ll at least be able to hear his signature British growl as the character once again in Justice League Dark.

Justice League Dark will be released on DVD, Blu Ray, and Digital HD in the Fall.

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