‘Max Steel’ Didn’t Show Up At Box Office

By October 16, 2016


It can be disappointing enough for a studio to not debut at No. 1, let alone the top three. But how should a studio feel when your brand-new film doesn’t even crack the top 10?

That’s apparently how Open Road Films feels this weekend after its Mattel-licensed movie Max Steel finished with just $2.2 million in its opening weekend. That was good enough for No. 11, and marks that the teen-geared film has a long way to meet its $40 million budget.

Ben Winchell plays teenager Max McGrath who, after moving to a small town, discovers energy that gives him superpowers. Max Steel was not previewed by critics – typically a bad sign for a film’s quality – but the nine critics Rotten Tomatoes did survey all hated it. Frank Scheck, a critic with The Hollywood Reporter even suggested actors get together and create a fund so that colleagues like Maria Bello and Andy Garcia don’t have to do movies like this.

“Yes, actors love to work and bills need to be paid, but perhaps a fund could be started to spare talented thespians this sort of career embarrassment.”

Finishing at the top of the box office was The Accountant from Ben Affleck with $24.7 million, followed by the new Kevin Hart film Kevin Hart: What Now? with just under $12 million. That barely slipped past the Emily Blunt horror flick The Girl On the Train, which has now earned $46.6 million in two weeks, according to The Numbers.

Open Road is a newer studio co-owned by two movie theaters, Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Theatres. The studio’s top-grossing film was The Nut Job in 2014 with $64.3 million.

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