‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ Trailer Takes Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaze, and Adam Devine on a Romp Through Hawaii

By February 8, 2016

As a movie fan, I do my best to judge and get excited for comedies based on the talent involved rather than the actual trailers, which end up being fairly deceiving more times than not. It’s because of this that I’m a little bit split on Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which stars Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Devine, and Zac Efron in a balls-to-the-wall comedy romp about two guys just looking for some respectable dates to their sister’s wedding in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, that attracts the attention of two not-entirely-respectable girls in Plaza and Kendrick’s characters, that use the guys’ plea as an excuse to go to Hawaii on a free vacation and go as crazy as they can possibly imagine.

The premise is silly, the cast is great, and 7 Days in Hell director Jake Szymanski is behind the camera at the helm, and this trailer hints at the possibility of a really great, weird comedy here, but it also hints at a possibly disappointing one as well. Check it out below:

Now, 7 Days in Hell was arguably the funniest comedy of last year, even though it premiered on HBO rather than in the theatres. The mockumentary about two fake tennis rivals battling it out was one of the strangest and most ingenious comedies I’d seen in years, and the fact that it was hilarious, just made it even better.

Mike and Dave looks like it has a lot of promise as a comedy, even if the trailer only brought out a few chuckles here and there. With the all-star four leads though, and Szymanski’s talent as a director, I’m going to remain happily optimistic about this one, and hope that the trailer is simply hiding some of the film’s better gags and jokes. Although, I don’t think I’m more excited for any comedy this year than Keanu, nothing will beat that gangster kitten for me.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is set to hit theatres on July 8th.

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