Miles Teller & Marc Webb Team for ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’

By November 5, 2014

Miles Teller and Marc Webb have separately made big splashes at the Sundance Film Festival: Teller as an actor in films like The Spectacular Now and Whiplash, and Webb as the director of (500) Days of Summer. Now the two are teaming up for a new project that sounds like it would fit into a Sundance lineup quite nicely in the next couple of years. Variety reports that the duo are slated to work together on an indie film called The Only Living Boy in New York, which could be The Amazing Spider-Man director’s next movie.

According to the outlet, the script “tells the tale of a young man who learns that his overbearing father is having an affair. The son tries to stop it, but ends up becoming involved with the woman as well.” This kind of love triangle has been examined on the big screen before, but the most recent instance that came to mind for me was in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (in what might be Spielberg’s most disturbing exploration of his daddy issues). Apparently Webb has been developing this for a while (once with Logan Lerman in the lead role, who was up for the role of Peter Parker in ASM that eventually went to Andrew Garfield), and because of Teller’s increasingly busy schedule, this might be the incarnation that goes before cameras sooner rather than later.

The only element I can think of about this that I’m not excited about? The writer, Allan Loeb. He’s the guy who wrote things like The Switch, The Dilemma, So Undercover, Here Comes The Boom, and Just Go With It. Not exactly confidence-inspiring, but those are all studio-style movies, so maybe something with more of an indie bent will be able to unlock some more creativity in Loeb’s work. Here’s hoping.

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