Mister Rogers Biopic In Works!

By May 3, 2013

For as long as I can remember, the man I knew as Mister Rogers taught me valuable life lessons in his neighborhood and The Land Of Make Believe, accessible only by Neighborhood Trolley.

But what I didn’t know about Mister Rogers until my teens was that he wasn’t just some guy who really liked cardigans and sneakers; he was an educator, songwriter, author AND a Presbyterian minister. The minister part was the most shocking to me because NOT ONCE in all the years I watched the show (even when I went back and watched a couple episodes on YouTube) did I EVER feel like I was being preached to or preached at; I was being taught that sharing is caring and the like.

Learning this about Mister Rogers always made me wonder what he was like when he wasn’t being America’s favorite cardigan-wearing neighbor and was Fred Rogers.

And now, I may just get my wish.

According to Deadline, Ellen DeGeneres Show’s staff writer Alexis Jolly’s spec script, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, was sold to Treehouse Pictures (owned by Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen). Word is that Nappi and Turen will produce said biopic with another Treehouse fixture, Juliet Berman, co-producing.

Little’s being given up about as far as the story’s plot points but I’M guessing it’s gonna be about his being a minister who (after increased dissatisfaction at the quality of children’s programming) decided to go into television himself, becoming the man parents and children alike adored from 1968 to 2001.

Nappi said that “Fred Rogers was such an inspirational man for so many people. His keen ability to find the good in anyone, or anything, will make for a truly inspiring cinematic experience. In literally shaping the world around him to fit into his own unique perspective, he created what is arguably the most influential American children’s television show of all time.”

We’re talking about a guy who not once deviated from the theme song in the 33 seasons Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was on the air made him even MORE of a hero to me; to this day, I STILL know that song by heart.


Naturally, I’m a little concerned over a few things – namely who’ll be the lucky guy to play the Mister. I know I’ve been skeptical in the past about castings and have been pleasantly surprised but this is one time where I’m absolutely eagle-eyed when it comes to who’ll play the guy most kids looked up to and (myself included) regarded (depending on age) as their second dad or favorite grandfather. This is one of the ONLY times I would prefer an actor who isn’t a total f***up play the Mister or it’ll be the “Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor” debacle all over again and doomed before the first frame’s even shot.

Fred Rogers once said “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.” Well, Mister Rogers was, is, and always will be that hero to me. And in that vein, I have a very special request to the fine folks at Treehouse Pictures.

Won’t you please, won’t you please? Please don’t screw up my childhood.

Stay tuned…


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