‘Moana’ Trailer Invites You on a Disney Adventure Unlike Any Other

By September 15, 2016

After bringing back two Disney veteran filmmakers, and getting one of the hottest names in the industry today in Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to work on the original music and score for the film, Disney’s Moana has more going for it than practically any of their other animated films in recent memory. Telling a story set in the islands of the South Pacific, the film tells a story of a girl who hopes to reinvigorate the love of exploration and adventure into her culture, which has sadly left its roots behind.

It’s the kind of story structure and set-up that influences every classic Disney film in history, and with Moana, it looks like the studio has not only made a film that’s reminiscent of some of their previous achievements, but one that is also shining a light on a culture that hasn’t received nearly enough attention on the big screen.

A brand new, full trailer for Moana was released online today as well, and watch out – this one looks like an adventure for the ages:

Ever since the first footage from the movie was shown last year the D23 Expo, we’ve been looking forward to Moana‘s release. Right now, a majority of the trailers and marketing for the film is focusing on its central adventure and fun aspects, wisely as well, but there’s some serious emotion hiding underneath the surface here, that could very well knock audiences off their feet when its released in November.

Basically, watch out, because Moana could just be yet another winning achievement for Disney Studios this year, who’s having a better 2016 than practically any other major studio. When you look at the films they’ve released up until this point as well, it’s not hard to see why.

Moana is set to hit theatres on November 23rd.

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