Morena Baccarin Becomes a Regular for ‘Gotham’ Season 2

By May 12, 2015

Actress Morena Baccarin (“Firefly,” “Homeland”) was introduced into the first season of “Gotham” as Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a medical doctor and psychiatrist who in the comics helped the young Bruce Wayne come to grips with the loss of his parents, and who watched in disapproving shock as he became the Dark Knight, Batman. Now, that character is going to be around a lot more for the second season of the Batman prequel series.

According to TV Line, Baccarin has been promoted to a series regular for the show’s second season, which will hit Fox this fall. Baccarin’s guest role as Thompkins on the first season included an option for her character to be bumped up to a member of the regular cast, which the network has exercised. She appeared in many of the first season’s episodes, and her inclusion on the cast is a very natural addition, since she’s become an important character to both the GCPD and Jim Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie).

While in the series she has yet to meet the young Bruce Wayne (played by David Mazouz), in the comics she was a trusted friend of the Wayne family and medical colleague of Dr. Thomas Wayne, and knew both Thomas and Martha very well before they were murdered by a street mugger in the city’s Park Row neighborhood. The site of the Wayne murders became known as “Crime Alley,” and in certain depictions of the story, Batman returns there every year to leave flowers at the site of his parents’ deaths. He’s even accompanied, sometimes, by Dr. Thompkins. As one of the few Gotham City allies outside of Bruce’s surrogate family that knows he is, in fact, Batman, the Dark Knight sometimes depends on her medical expertise if he’s wounded in the field. Very much seeing herself as Bruce’s surrogate mother, she vocally disapproves of the life he has chosen as a vigilante.

As of now, it’s unknown how long it will be before she does meet Bruce and Alfred on the show, and given her current romantic link with Jim Gordon, it seems unlikely that the show will explore a similar link she has with Alfred from the comics. Still, Baccarin is a very solid addition to the cast, and it will be nice to see her appear on the series in a more regular capacity.

“Gotham” season 2 premieres this fall on Fox. For more on the show, be sure to check out our reviews for every episode of season one, and keep your eyes on GeekNation for any other news that breaks pertaining to the show!

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