Earth To Echo (2014)


In theaters July 2nd, 2014.

  • Brian M Shackleford

    Pretty cute – I’ll be taking the kids and cousins to this one. Anyone know if it’s geared toward adults?

    • Lee Steel

      I’m taking the niece and nephew and hoping it’s for adults. I have a friend that worked on it and he said it’s good, but mostly for kids.

    • Gloria Weber

      I read that it’s not completely for adults, but better than your average animation. I’m excited.

  • Lee Steel

    How do you guys decide what movies you’re going to do a moster for? These are very cool!

  • James Hartl

    I’ll go see this…Looks awesome! Cute poster.

    • Nancy Roller


  • Steven Dobbs

    I hear it’s VERY much a kids film. Nothing wrong with that, we need more of them.

  • Kathrine C Brady

    YEP! Kids day!

  • Archie A Stoffel

    Gee, let me guess: Transformers or this?…I think E to E wins every time.

  • Seems like E.T. Meets Goonies.. I was wondering when one of these would be coming out. Looks great count me in.

  • Gloria Weber

    So excited to take the kids. CAN. NOT. DO. another animation!

  • Great Moster. Definitely see this movie over Transformers 4.

  • Carla Fultz

    Cute poster. I’ll go see this.

  • Francis Patterson

    For anyone or kids. The trailer don’t even give a good idea. I’m guessing for kids.

  • Michael Chafin

    With all the crap Hollywood id putting out today, I’ll go see this.

  • This looks adorable!!! Totally taking my niece.

  • Katie Schwartz

    So CUTE!

  • Nancy Roller

    I don’t think it has to be just kids. My bff and another group are all joining to up to go see it.

  • Sidney Cordova

    A little brutha at the lead. How often duz that happen. I’ll support.

  • Kenneth Selders


  • Allan Bolin

    I’m really surprised at the marketing dollars that Relativity is throwing at this movie! They must be expecting something huge, ’cause I’m seeing it everywhere!

  • Erica Ulrich

    Looks like it is more for kids – but when has that ever stopped families from watching together? It looks good enough to keep adults interested as well.

  • RR.Martin

    When my son saw this he got super excited – now I have no choice but to take him to see it!

  • Rissa Curtis

    Love the Moster – have plans with several families to take the kids to see it soon.

  • Lucille Fressna

    Even though Earth to Echo is supposed to be mostly for kids, I have to admit that I enjoy watching stuff like this too.

  • Dahlia Finsel

    That little guy ‘robot’ is very cute. Good job on the moster – your site actually has a lot of other great stuff, glad I found it.

  • Misha R.

    Been hearing a lot of buzz about Earth to Echo – I’m thinking of taking our 2 kids to see it.

  • Interesting idea – might even make it to our ‘greats’ list, along with some of our favs, such as Over the Hedge, Madagascar, Open Season, Finding Nemo, etc.