NASA Refutes Any and All Conspiracy Theories by Releasing 10,000 Images of the Moon Landing

By October 7, 2015

One small step for a man inexplicably turned into one giant leap of a conspiracy theory.  As the story goes. Because for so many years, the Apollo Moon Landing has been the subject of a nagging conversation purporting that the entire mission had been faked and directed by Stanley Kubrick – my favorite off shoot to it all – by the very program behind all the monumental achievements in space: NASA.

The discovery of water on the Mars surface aside, it seems people still don’t want to believe the original moon landing ever happened. And it appears NASA has had enough. So they have released over ten thousand images taken on July 20th, 1969 (thanks for the heads up Vintage News).

Here now are some of the more interesting ones with the rest posted on NASA’s Flickr account; the Project Apollo Archive. So far, no selfies of Neil Armstrong posing with Stanley Kubrick.












Perhaps now we can finally put to rest this “conspiracy” and move on to bigger and better things. Now all we have to do is convince people that The Martian is not actually based on a true story. No really, look it up; can you believe it?!?!

And to flip through the other 9,000+ photos on the moon landing, head on over to NASA’s flickr page!

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Mark Reilly
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  • BanishedPrince

    Wow those 10,000 images popped out of nowhere suddenly 46 years later………..

  • CurseofZodLovesMaude

    People are fucking retard. There was no conspiracy. The government can’t budget its own money how the hell is suppose to pull this shit off? DUMB. FUCKS. And why? what was the point? It served no purpose. The moon landings stopped by 73. Derp.