Nathan Fillion Interested in Playing Booster Gold For DC

By August 24, 2015

It’s harder to find a more beloved nerd icon in pop culture nowadays than Nathan Fillion. After his long-running relationship with Joss Whedon, as well as having his hands in a number of other beloved projects like Castle, it’s easy to see how he’s managed to amass the large following he has over the past decade and a half or so. However, for someone with such a huge and dedicated following, it’s still surprising to think that Fillion hasn’t even stepped into the superhero cinematic universes yet, for either DC or Marvel.

For a while, fans were hoping that Fillion would be a contender for the role of Hal Jordan in one of the future Green Lantern films, and while it’s still a possibility, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be donning a mask quite so recognizable, any time soon. Part of that is because it seems like the studios haven’t expressed a ton of interest yet, and part of it is because Fillion’s busy schedule on Castle has kept him from landing any big time roles.

However, at the recent Wizard World Chicago, Fillion was asked by a fan if there were any heroes in any of the comic universes, that he would be interested in playing. You can see his full response below (via and his reply might surprise you:

So in case you couldn’t hear all of his responses, or just skipped the video, Fillion expressed interest in playing Booster Gold, Ambush Bug, and Greatest American Hero.

For those of you who don’t know, Booster Gold is a character from the DC comics. He was originally born in a 25th century Gotham, but using time-traveling devices to go back in time – Booster used his technology and knowledge of past events to stage public events and make himself into a legendary hero in the eyes of the public. It’s only after his disguise begins to gain more weight that Booster begins to become more of an actual hero himself. The show-off persona and cockiness seems perfect for Fillion, and it’s easy to see why he might mention this character.

In regards to Ambush Bug and Greatest American Hero, the likelihood of either seems much, much more slim. Ambush Bug is a character from the DC comics, and is a delusional human named Irwin Schwab, who steals a super suit originally intended for an alien named Brum-El. His powers include being able to teleport at will, and becoming increasingly more annoying. While I could buy Fillion in the role, something tells me he might have been joking when he mentioned this character in particular.

Greatest American Hero on the other hand was a television series that ran from 1981-1983 and centered on a school teacher who is reluctantly saddled with a super suit. Not only does he hate having to wear the suit, but he also lost the instructions on how to use it, and must find and use its powers through trial and error. While the possibility of something like this actually happening is slim, the idea of Fillion as this character sounds pretty perfect in my book. In fact, I’d be willing to watch Fillion in any of these roles, no matter how small they might end up being.

Nathan Fillion is currently open to playing a number of superheroes… just so you know.

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    Yes, yes, yes. Castle is great but I’m a Captain fan of Nathan’s from the golden age of Joss.