NBC Bringing ‘Real Genius’ To The Small Screen

By September 25, 2014

Remember that awesome film about an uptight, Doogie Howser-like scientist who rooms with the smartest yet biggest slacker on campus that came out in 1985 called Real Genius that starred a sexy, young Val Kilmer?

For some reason, NBC is breaking it down into a sitcom.

The Wrap reports the “Real Genius” sitcom will be turned into a present-day workplace comedy “centering around the relationship between two co-workers with incompatible personalities,” and NBC has given Happy Madison Productions (Adam Sandler’s company), 3 Arts Entertainment, and Sony TV (their company, Tri-Star Pictures, produced the 1985 feature) a script commitment plus penalty for the show.


I’m not happy the setting’s been changed and I doubt they’ll find someone as awesome as Val Kilmer (above) in the role of Chris Knight or William Atherton as the butthead Professor Hathaway, but as “Workaholics” co-executive producer Craig DiGregorio and David King (“Parks And Recreation,” “The League”) wrote the script, I suppose I’ll give it a shot.

But I have to tell you: as of right now, it sounds like it’s really close to being another sub-par knockoff of “The Office,” and no one needs another one of those.

And they BETTER bring back Jon Gries (below) as Lazlo Hollyfeld or I’m gonna rage.


What say you? Happy, unhappy, in need of a hug at this news?

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  • Karen

    They can’t. They mustn’t. Oh, any powers that be, please don’t let this happen. 🙁

    • My biggest fear is they will cheap out on production and also tryout a newcomer; Not to mention, Happy Madison will such every ounce of heart that the original had.