Necomimi Devil Horns Are Cute AND Naughty!

By October 26, 2012

If you were around San Diego Comic Con or saw any video from there, the buzz was centered around a brainwave headset developed by NeuroSky disguised as cute cat ears called Necomimi that moved in real time based on the wearer’s neuroscience patterns and emotions.


Not to be outdone, NeuroSky has stepped up the cuteness and have added devil horns (aka “Devilish Horns) to their NEC-cessories and are cute as hell. And just like the ears, they perk up when the user is alert, droop down to show relaxation and wiggle back and forth when the user is “in the zone.”

If you’re looking for something super kawaii that you can (and some do) wear the whole year round, then this is your jam, but just remember, you have to get the headset too or you’ll have no way to get your horns to stick to your head.

No matter what you decide to be, just be sure to have a safe and Happy Halloween!

For more info on NeuroSky and Necomimi, you can find their website online.

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