Neill Blomkamp Shows Off What it Would’ve Look Like if He Did an ‘Alien’ Film

By January 2, 2015

Ever since I first laid eyes on the 2005 short Alive In JoBurg, and when — with the help of Peter Jackson — it became the 2009 hit film District 9, I have been a huge fan of director Neill Blomkamp.

Before District 9, I remembered that Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, The Frighteners) wanted Blomkamp to direct the live-action Halo film, but because Blomkamp was –at the time — an unproven director, it didn’t happen. Truth be told, I’ve always said that some of the alien weapons tech and POV were a HUGE “F.U.” to those who said he couldn’t handle a Halo live-action film.

Now, Blomkamp has left us with a bittersweet New Year’s Day gift when he posted a slew of images on Instagram that showed him fiddling around with what it would look like if he had the chance to direct an Alien film.

Enough talk! Let’s see some pictures!





Before you get mad that Blomkamp’s not really making another Alien film, don’t be; it was — as he himself says — a “mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created.”  Hell, if that’s the kind of mental stroll he likes to take, I’d like to take a mental stroll in his head, a la Being John Malkovich!

You NEVER know, this really COULD happen someday; what say you darlings to Blomkamp’s ideas for an Alien film?

p.s. In case you missed it when it made the rounds back in 2007, here’s what a Neill Blomkamp Halo live-action film would’ve looked like.

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