Netflix Is Developing ‘Punisher’ Spinoff Starring Jon Bernthal

By January 16, 2016

It appears the powers that be over at Netflix and Marvel are so thrilled with Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle AKA the Punisher that they have decided to give him his own series. This news was immediately met with cheers from around the geek-verse. Speaking as one of the representatives of geek culture, I applaud this move. It’s what we wanted all along.

From a report by TV Line, who first broke the news:

Viewers will get their first look at Bernthal’s Punisher when Daredevil ‘s second season drops on Friday, March 18, but the early buzz on the Walking Dead alum’s performance is overwhelmingly positive.

I had no doubt Bernthal would kill it as the Punisher. No pun intended. I love the guy’s work ever since his days on The Walking Dead. And by all accounts, this new series planned will be absolutely faithful to the comic series, with Netflix’ streaming service giving fans a true adaptation; dark and gritty and a “hard R.”

I love that Marvel is able to explore their Hell’s Kitchen characters in a way that is realistic while maintaining the source material and heart. Daredevil and Jessica Jones were home runs, in my opinion, and it looks like the trend will continue with Punisher. Still no word, however, on Iron Fist and the status of that series – the last (behind Luke Cage) needed before the whole team connect in The Defenders, Netflix’ version of the Avengers.

We’ll keep you updated on when we can expect either Iron Fist or Punisher but for now, get your streaming ready for Daredevil’s second season, which premieres March 18th. And as always, check back here for more updates — only on GeekNation.

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Mark Reilly
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