Netflix Unveils “Spoiler Foiler” In Time For ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

By September 23, 2013

Spoiler Brats: your bigmouthed friends, celebrities, or random people you follow on Twitter (all usually with east coast feeds) who just can’t keep their friggin’ mouths shut during shows and feel the need to live tweet the ENTIRE thing before you see it.

We all know one (and we all want to kill them), but now Netflix is looking to ease our pain.


Now that the multiple award-winning “Breaking Bad, ” which FINALLY won the Emmy for “Best Drama” this year, is coming to an end next week (with conspiracy theories and office pools running rampant), it’s gearing up to be one crazy Sunday filled with chaos and tears…but what happens if you’re not able to watch it right away?

Netflix has you covered.

Variety reports that Netflix has created a site where you can still get your social media fix without finding out who snorted/said/killed/threatened who or what in the latest (or any) episode of “Breaking Bad.”

Here’s how it works:

(Patience, young Padawan! I’ll give you the site link when I’m done.)

Head over to the new site and login through Twitter. Once you’ve agreed to the terms (it IS an app, after all) then the site will show you a modified version of your feed with the words “breaking” and “bad”, no matter what the context, redacted.

breaking bad redact tweet

As you can see, “BB ” star RJ Mitte (Walt Jr.) has retweeted someone who possibly has one or both words in the redacted tweet and you can see how it’s handled.

And when you put your mouse over the redacted section and click…

redact revealed

This one happened to be show related but sometimes it’ll happen when someone types “Breaking records in blah blah blah,” so be aware that you could miss fun tweets…whether you “click to reveal” is up to you.

Pretty fitting Netflix chose “Breaking Bad” for their litmus test as “Breaking Bad” creator/showrunner Vince Gilligan (below) credited Netflix with pretty much saving their lives at last night’s Emmy awards, where the series FINALLY and DESERVEDLY picked up the Emmy for “Best Drama.”


“Television has changed a lot in six years. I’m no expert on the sociological elements of it, but I’ve got to think a big part of what has changed is streaming video on demand, particularly with operations like Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Prime. I think Netflix kept us on the air. Not only are we standing up here (holding Emmy), I don’t think our show would have even lasted beyond season two. It’s a new era in television, and we’ve been very fortunate to reap the benefits.”

So far the site is only for “Breaking Bad” as Netflix has rights to the show’s catalogue right up until this final half of the season…which I’m sure they’ll get!

“So why let spoilers spoil Twitter?” indeed! Head on over to Spoiler Foiler and enjoy a “Breaking Bad”-free feed!

(In case you’re wondering, I DID use my own feed for this. How can I tout it’s merits if I don’t risk my own metaphorical balls?)

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