New ‘Amityville’ Film Scares Up Director and Cast

By March 24, 2014

Just stop moving into the Amityville house, okay? Just stop it. The horror franchise, which has already spawned a number of films spread out over different time frames and with different incarnations, is set to hit the big screen again in a fresh film that chronicles what happens when – you guessed it! – a new family moves into the evil house. Do people not check the internet before moving? Are no nice neighbors warning potential buyers off? Who is the realtor on this thing?

The new film will come to us from Dimension Films and Blumhouse Productions, the companies responsible for so much modern horror, so at least that news is a bit heartening. The film’s plot, however? Not so much – it’s incredibly standard.

The Wrap reports that the new film will center on “a single mother who moves her three kids into the Amityville house, which of course has a very dark history.” The film was originally conceived of as a found footage feature (which is why the film was previously referred to as The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes)“but that idea has been dropped, as the format appears to have fallen out of favor with discerning genre fans.”

Jennifer Jason Leigh

The film has started moving right along, with Frank Khalfoun (P2, Maniac) reportedly set to direct a cast that includes Jennifer Jason Leigh (okay, now we might be interested) and Disney star Bella Thorne. The film’s script was written by Daniel Farrands (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers) and Casey La Scala (who produced A Walk to Remember, which is terrifying in its own way), and the pair will reportedly also produce the project.

The film is already slated for a release on January 2, 2015.

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  • Kazi Faisal

    This house don`t look like scary to me. No offense but it`s true.