New ‘Back to the Future’ Blu-rays Celebrate 30th Anniversary

By July 16, 2015

If you’re a fan of the Back to the Future Trilogy, you likely got a little bit excited this past January 1st when you saw what year we had just rolled into: 2015. This was the same year that, in Back to the Future Part II, Doc, Marty, and Jennifer traveled to in order to try and save their future from the twisted fate of bad decisions. Now, Universal is out to celebrate both that, and the 30th anniversary of the first film’s release, with an expansive new Blu-ray set.

As stated in a Universal press release, the set will b known as the “30th Anniversary Trilogy.” The basic version includes all three films and their corresponding digital copies, along with a new bonus disc of special features. As a “double dip” release, it’s expected, and probably not too surprising. The real kicker is what you get when you step up one level, because for that set, Universal is including something that you may not have seen unless you were a child in the 1990’s.

That set, dubbed Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy: The Complete Adventures not only comes with everything from the regular set, but it also includes all 26 episodes of the “Back to the Future” animated series, which ran on CBS from September of 1991 to December of 1992. Each episode featured a small, live-action epilogue starring Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, before Doc, Marty, Clara, and the Brown kids went on crazy adventures through time! Some episodes even featured Bill Nye the Science Guy as Doc’s lab assistant! See the announcement trailer below.

While it may be hard to want to plunk down another $50-75 for a Blu-ray or DVD set you may already own, its really interesting that the short-lived animated series is getting a home release. In the past, only 18 of the 26 produced episodes were ever made available on home media, and that was on VHS and Laserdisc. Never before has it been available on DVD or Blu-ray, until now.

The new Back to the Future home releases will hit stores on — and say it in Doc Brown’s voice for the full effect — Wednesday, October 21st, 2015! Is this something you’d consider picking up?

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Chris Clow
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