New ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2 Trailer, Aaron Paul Teases Jesse Pinkman Appearance

By January 10, 2016

Fans of Breaking Bad were very pleased to see that the first season of Better Call Saul did not disappoint. Granted, with Vince Gilligan, Bob Odenkirk, and Jonathan Banks involved hopes were high that the spinoff would at the very least prove itself a worthy successor to its beloved parent series. Still, spinoffs are always tricky, so the show’s announcement was greeted with cautious optimism. The good news: the story of James McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman has (so far) proven to be plenty compelling. The even better news: season two is just a few weeks away.

AMC debuted a new trailer for the show, which returns on February 15th. Give it a look.

Jimmy hasn’t gone full-on Saul just yet, but it’s clear that his decent has begun. His brother’s betrayal certainly pushed Jimmy further down the path that will one day lead to his becoming Walter White’s lawyer. Plus, we’ll get to see more of Mike as he goes from parking lot attendant to badass enforcer. Nacho and Kim are also back, and who knows what other surprises Gilligan and his team have in store?

Well, apparently Aaron Paul knows. Even before the show went into production, fans have wondered if we’d ever catch a glimpse of Walter or Jesse on Better Call Saul. It is a prequel to Breaking Bad, after all. In an appearance at the TCA press tour promoting his new show The Path, Paul was asked about whether or not we’d see Mr. Pinkman show up on this (or any) season of Better Call Saul (via Variety). While he obviously didn’t say anything definite, it certainly seems like it’s a very real possibility. Maybe.

“Hopefully I will be involved…But I don’t know when that may be. I’m not going to say anything more. But I’m absolutely open to the idea. Hopefully it happens. I’m all about it.”

You know how he said “I’m not going to say anything more”? Yeah…about that:

“If I were to be involved, I can promise that it would be done in the most beautiful way,” he said, “because there’s no way they’re going to bring Jesse Pinkman back just to bring him back. They’re going to bring him back and the audience is going to be very excited not just to see him, but to see how it all unfolded.”

As we learned with the appearance of Tuco Salamanca in season 1, Vince Gilligan isn’t going to bring back Breaking Bad characters just for the cheap gimmick of having the fans go “Hey, it’s that guy!” These appearances MEAN something. And of course, if they are going to bring back Jesse (or Walter), they need to do so in a way that feels legit and doesn’t do Better Call Saul a disservice. So, you know, no pressure. But at least we know that whatever happens, it’s been in the works from the beginning:

“We’ve been talking about it even before they started shooting the show,” he said. “He asked if I would be open to it, and I said of course. ‘Anything you’re involved with, you don’t even have to send me the material. I’ll just say yes. I owe you my career.’ I have a career because of that man. I would do anything he asked me to do.”

Yes, that’s very nice. But fans REALLY want to know about season 2. So…are we seeing Jesse Pinkman in season 2?

He said, “Maybe,” with a laugh. “I don’t want to say anything. All I can say is I do know is there are some very exciting surprises coming up in the second season in ‘Better Call Saul.’ So I highly, highly recommend watching the show.”

Well…fine. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. And hope. Good thing I was planning on watching anyway.

Better Call Saul returns to AMC on February 15th at 10pm.

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