New Details About Ezra Miller’s Flash in ‘Justice League’ Revealed

By June 21, 2016

Maybe more than any of the other Justice League actors probably, Ezra Miller is facing the biggest hurdle with his take on Barry Allen/The Flash, thanks in large part to Grant Gustin’s beloved and critically-acclaimed turn as Barry on The Flash TV show right now. Especially following his bizarre and, well, awkward onscreen introduction as the character in Batman v Superman though also.

Following some set visits to the film’s current production in London though, it seems like the one thing that everyone is saying about the movie, is that Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen is going to steal the entire damn show, and his relationship with Ray Fisher’s Cyborg may be the kind of DC onscreen bromance that fans have been waiting for.

First off (via BMD), apparently Barry Allen will have assembled his suit from pieces of stolen technology (including Wayne Tech) and will have used the heat-resistant materials that are used on the space shuttle to keep it from burning up upon reentry, meaning that yes, he’ll be just as powerful as you might think.

The journalists involved also got the chance to not only see one scene with Miller filming in person, but also got to see the first time that he and Bruce Wayne meet in the film. Here’s a brief description of the scene (including dialogue), courtesy of io9, which begins when Barry Allen reenters his apartment to find Bruce Wayne sitting in his “second favorite chair” and proceeds shows Barry the image of him in the convenience store that we saw in Batman v Superman, asking him who it is in the photo:

“That’s a person who looks exactly like me but is definitely not,” Allen replies. “Hippie, long hair, very attractive Jewish boy. He drinks milk, I don’t drink milk.” he jokes as Wayne starts to walk over to a red suit standing in the apartment.

“I know you have abilities, I just don’t know what they are,” says Wayne.

“My special skills include viola, web design…” Allen rambles as Wayne examines the suit and notes it’s made of a very specific heat resistant material. “Yeah, I do competitive ice dancing,” Allen says.

“This is the stuff the space shuttle uses to prevent from burning up on reentry.”

“…Very competitive ice dancing?”

Just then, the film turns to slow-motion as Bruce Wayne hurls one of the razor-sharp, bat-logo-shaped throwing stars he used in BvS at Allen. Allen looks at it inquisitively as it passes him in slow motion then, with a profound realization, grabs it out of the air. Silence, surprise, and then: “You’re the Batman?”

“And you’re fast.”

“That feels like an oversimplification.”

Bruce tells Allen he’s putting together a team of people with special abilities because he believes enemies are coming. Barry immediately wants to be part of it, and Batman can’t help but ask why he’s agreed so quickly. “I need friends,” says Barry, just before holding up the throwing-bat/star. “Can I keep this?”

Honestly, this sounds like the kind of fun interaction between heroes that I desperately wanted in Batman v Superman, and I don’t mean that because there are jokes, I don’t need jokes in a scene in order to have fun watching it. What I mean is that, it seems like the characters in the movie are going to actually enjoy being around each other, just as much as we will seeing them together.

From the sounds of it as well, Miller seems like he’s knocking Barry Allen out of the park here, with a version of the character that’s both different to Grant Gustin’s, and true to the comics at the same time. Which is basically all I could have wanted from this iteration anyways.

Justice League is set to hit theatres on November 10th, 2017.

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