New DLC Gameplay Trailer for ‘Star Wars Battlefront’s’ the Battle of Jakku!

By December 2, 2015

For those blessed with pre-order copies of Star Wars Battlefront, as of today, EA and DICE have unleashed the Battle of Jakku DLC for the hardcore fan ready to connect the dots with The Force Awakens! To celebrate the momentous occasion, a new gameplay trailer has been released and… well. It. Looks. AMAZING! Later this week, December 8th to be exact, expect the full rollout for us mere mortals.

Here’s the gameplay trailer:

The Battle of Jakku takes place 30 years before the events of the Force Awakens and yup, that Imperial Star Destroyer going down is the same one Rey was looking through in the trailer, don’t you know.

I am so excited about all the content coming down the pike for Star Wars: Battlefront. I purchased the game over the holiday weekend and I cannot put it down. I was playing the Vadar loading mission for an hour before I got tired of destroying rebel scum. Funny how that’s possible.

This should tide you hungry Jedi over until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th. So  for everyone out there in the Nation… are you excited for the Battle of Jakku DLC?

As always, make sure you check back for more updates — right here on GeekNation.

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