New ‘Doctor Who’ Star To Be Revealed This Sunday

By August 2, 2013

Set the time controls on your TARDISes to Sunday at 2:30 pm, fellow Whovians! The new Doctor will be introduced in a half-hour special, ‘Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor,’ on BBC America.

But will we be meeting the twelfth Doctor, or the thirteenth? John Hurt’s role as the lost Doctor may throw a wrench into the numbering system. And, lest we forget, Time Lords are said to have only thirteen lives – though given the popularity of the show and its sci fi nature (not to mention the excess lives the Master picked up along the way!), it’s unlikely that this new Doctor will be the last.

So who will play the next incarnation of our favorite Time Lord? Bookies are giving Peter Capaldi, of British sitcom ‘The Thick Of It’ fame, 2:1 odds [via RadioTimes]. Who-universe aficionados, however, may better know him as ‘Torchwood”s John Frobisher. At 55 years old, Capaldi would tie William Hartnell as the oldest actor to play the Doctor.

Personally, I’m still holding out for a ginger. However, the Time Lord may be doomed to forever live vicariously through his plethora of red-headed companions.

What say you, Whovians? Would Capaldi be a good choice? Are you still clinging to hope that the next Doctor will be either a woman, a person of color, or, if all else fails, a ginger? And what do you think about the possibility that the Doctor might, for the first time in years, be an older man?