New ‘Gods of Egypt’ Trailer Drops, Tries to Change Minds

By December 17, 2015

Upon seeing the first trailer for Summit’s Gods of Egypt  I actually thought it was another Zoolander 2 promotion just screwing with us. Nope, that sh*t was for real.  There was a moment of “Oh cool, Gerard Butler in a war movie again” quickly replaced by “Hey, why is everyone in Egypt white?“.  Quickly followed by “Oh, it’s a video game!” soon followed by “I didn’t know George Lucas made a 4th Star Wars prequel?!?” (Sorry, George)

Literally the worst CGI I have ever seen. Topped off with a smattering of awful cheesy ra-rah straight to DVD dialogue. (I’m not even giving it a blu-ray release)

Not to mention all the backlash Alex Proyas’ new film has been getting for the overly obvious white washing the film received. That being said, he did apologize and said he wishes he’d done better. I’m still thoroughly bummed out at how bad this movie looks with Proyas’ being one of my favorite Directors knocking out films like The Crow, Dark City, I-Robot and Knowing (Okay, I have a soft spot for the last one).

In the wake of said backlash the Studio has quickly released a brand new trailer for the video ga- movie and clearly attempted to make things a touch more subtle. (shh…I don’t think it worked) Focusing mostly on this kid Brenton Thwaites who looks like he has the whole Hayden Christensen-as-Anakin-before-they-gave-him-a-cooler-haircut thing going on.

See for yourself:

The whole thing is disappointing considering the damn good cast of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gerard Butler and Chadwick Boseman.  They even made Gerard Butler the bad guy. That doesn’t work for me.

Did you think this trailer made the movie look watchable? Let us know! More updates on epic CGI failure flicks to come here on Geek Nation!


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Mike Holtz
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  • phnxgrl

    This trailer is worst than the first one! It does not matter what they do! It is a VERY BAD Movie!

  • Hendy Suz

    wow, straight to Netflix
    This looks horrible.

  • David Johnson

    So they put a Black Actor at the beginning to legitimize this POS?????