New Official ‘James Bond’ Novel Brings Back ‘Goldfinger’ Character

By May 29, 2015

Although the James Bond character has made a name for himself as an action star at the movies across 23 (and counting) official productions, he got his start on the prose page, sprung from the imagination of author Ian Fleming. Publishing 14 books with novels and short stories, Fleming’s death in 1964 occurred just as the movie series was getting underway, but the books would go on after his death. The latest adventure is being written by author Anthony Horowitz, and will be set in the 1950s. It will also reportedly feature material from Fleming himself that has gone unused up until now, and will also feature a pretty special reunion for the character with an old friend.

According to NPR, Bond will be reunited with Pussy Galore, the leader of a group of burglars who were enlisted by Auric Goldfinger to help him rob Fort Knox in the United States in Fleming’s 1959 novel Goldfinger. In 1964, Goldfinger was adapted as the third EON Productions James Bond film, starring Sean Connery as the British agent and actress Honor Blackman as Galore. Notable differences between the character from the book and her appearance in the film exist, including her physical appearance, her sexual orientation, and the nature of her profession. By the end of the novel, its implied that she’s sent off to prison, and she hasn’t appeared in a Bond novel or film since.

Horowitz’s newest addition to the literary Bond canon is called Trigger Mortis. In the author’s official announcement of the reunion, Horowitz says,

It was great fun revisiting the most famous Bond girl of all. Although she is by no means the only dangerous lady in Trigger Mortis.

As for the Fleming material Horowitz is using? It’s a short story  called “Murder on Wheels,” was originally a scene composed for a 007 TV series that was ultimately never developed. It drops the agent into a high-stakes Formula One racing event, and Horowitz called it a “fantastic bonus” to have material from “the master” to use in his new endeavor.

Trigger Mortis will be released on September 8th. The next James Bond film, Spectre, will hit theaters this coming November.

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Chris Clow
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  • USAjoe

    Huh didn’t think new novels would come out for 007, am excited to see what the new bond author is like

  • Sean L

    I didn’t think new bond books would come out, am very glad that they are though 🙂

  • Jane Keating

    Gold finger is my favorite bond villain by far. I’m ecstatic he’s coming back in the books.

    • Jane Keating

      yeah he is the best Bond Villain of all time, I will be happy see him back in the books

    • Mikey Silva

      yeah he is the best Bond Villain of all time, I will be happy see him back in the books