New ‘Star Wars’ Video Game in the Works from EA and Respawn Entertainment

By May 4, 2016

What would Star Wars Day be without more news from a galaxy far, far away? Electronic Arts has announced they’re working with Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment on a new Star Wars video game, although no details on plot or characters have been released at this time. All we know is that the game will be “a third-person action/adventure game set in the Star Wars universe.”

In a blog post on the Respawn website, game director Stig Asmussen acknowledges that his team isn’t really telling us much:

“Now, I understand on the surface this might sound a bit dry, but developing a game within the ever-expanding Star Wars universe opens up so many paths for us to go down, and an unparalleled playground to design within.”

Fans of the franchise know that there have been plenty of sub-par Star Wars games in the past – I’m looking at you, Masters of Teras Kasi – but Asmussen promises that he and his team will “pay respect to the Star Wars legacy at all times, a fact that will be constantly reinforced and honored as a central game design tenet.”

Titanfall was met with a warm critical reception, currently holding a score of 86 at Metacritic, and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. With those kind of results, it sounds like the Star Wars license will be left in good hands – a sentiment echoed in a statement by Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President at EA:

“Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Vince Zampella and his group. Their obsession with making games that feel amazing has helped make Titanfall one of the most successful new game launches of this generation. And now, with a new team led by Stig Asmussen, we get to see what they can do when you combine that great attention to gameplay with the power of Star Wars.”

Respawn’s success with Titanfall is definitely enough to get excited about, but it’s also worth mentioning that EA is working with a number of different developers on several titles under the Star Wars banner. While not confirmed, DICE are most likely in the early stages of crafting a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront, and projects are also underway at Visceral Games, Capital Games, BioWare and Motive.

It sounds like the interactive future of Star Wars is just as bright as its cinematic counterpart. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about each of these titles, so stay tuned to Geek Nation.


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    EA releases yet another shallow, but pretty to look video game!*

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