New Trailer & Release Date For Resident Evil’s ‘Umbrella Corps’ Action Spinoff

By January 27, 2016

Man, Resident Evil has changed over the years.

I can remember watching a friend play the original two games for hours on Playstation; being creeped out and scared of every turn, staircase or corridor. The slow paced creepfest filled with puzzles, maps and a debilitating lack of weaponry really made its mark on horror gaming.

Then there’s the movies, which completely flipped everything into a superhero action type frenzy rather than a slow paced scarefest. Many old school RE fans would still love to see a George Romero directed Resident Evil film…… but that’s another topic altogether.

The latest change in Resident Evil land came when Capcom decided to roll out Umbrella Corps. More like a mixture of Call of Duty and more recent RE games, this one involves up to six player multiplayer team battles based in small, enclosed maps from previous games. There’s also a single player mode called The Experiment which does look interesting. Check it out for yourself:

Capcom says the game won’t be all about experience points or building up your weaponry, but rather about team victory and skill level. The game comes out on PC and PS4 this May!

Will you be checking this one out, GeekNation? Stay tuned for more updates!

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Mike Holtz
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