New Video Breaks Down Doomsday Fight VFX From ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

By April 9, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have inspired a very mixed and at times heated response from its viewers, but at the very least we should all be able to agree that the visual effects were quite stunning. In particular, the final battle between Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Doomsday was one of the most incredible things we’ve ever seen on the big screen. Now, thanks to a video released by CG Meetupwe can see how much work was put into creating the effects used in both that huge, climactic battle as well as the titular confrontation between Batman and Superman. Check it out!

I think my favorite part of that is seeing the get-up Ben Affleck had to wear for the Batsuit. Looks slightly uncomfortable.

Guillaume Rocheron of MPC (c/o Collider) helped explain the process.

There’s a lot of digital doubles. Obviously, Doomsday is all-digital. Gotham City doesn’t exist. It’s a lot of work technically. But artistically, I really like the Batman/Superman fights because it’s a not only an iconic fight, but there is something very graphic and photographic about it all. I think the visual effects work is very interesting because of the IMAX format. There are all the capes and costumes and digital actors, and it’s pretty seamless. That’s something that stands out from the bulk of the work.

This was all done under the supervision of long-time Snyder collaborator Jon DJ Des Jardin, who will return for Justice League. Considering how great everything looked in Dawn of Justice, I’m looking forward to what he comes up with for the next chapter in DC’s Cinematic saga.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters everywhere.

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