New Video Reveals Just How Many People Batman Kills in ‘Batman v Superman’

By July 4, 2016

In a movie full of them, maybe one of the most divisive decisions in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was Batman’s complete ruthlessness throughout the film, which included him killing a number of people throughout, mainly criminals whose deaths could have fairly easily been avoided. It just didn’t really sit well with a number of fans (for completely understandable reasons) and felt incredibly odd to watch, in a movie where there were more than enough of those moments too,

However, the actual number of people that Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight kills in the movie has been mostly unknown over the past few months, but it looks like one fan’s devotion to comedy has revealed the exact number of Batman-caused deaths in the movie.

Check out Mr. Sunday MoviesBatman Batman v Superman Movie Kill Count Supercut below:

In the end, the total kill count comes to 21, though he certainly dreams about killing more than just that. Ben Affleck has said that the Justice League version of the character will be a much lighter, more sardonic version of the character than the one that was delivered in Batman v Superman though, so hopefully that includes the character’s devotion to maybe finding other ways to take down bad guys… Maybe?

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