New ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Theory May Have Solved The Season 6 Finale Mystery

By April 10, 2016

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for those of you not caught up yet on The Walking Dead

Fans of The Walking Dead were left understandably upset when, at the end of the recent season six finale, the creative team decided to leave Negan’s victim, and the latest group character to die, a mystery by cutting to their POV shot in the final moments. Obviously, after months and months of waiting to see the iconic villain come onscreen and have his big moment, to only see half of it felt cheap. So no, no matter how much you say it Nicotero, Gimple, and Kirkman – it was not art, it was cheap.

However, that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing about the possible victim’s identity though, in order to try and save themselves from months and months of waiting, and it looks like one specific fan thinks he’s narrowed it down to at least two possibilities, and his logic stands.

YouTube user Slaykone published two videos breaking down the final scene of the episode, and if his reasoning and detective work is as solid as it seems, it looks like Negan’s victim is either Daryl, or Glenn, two of the most iconic and beloved characters of the show.

Check out the videos below:

So, as he points out, the two people we know for sure aren’t the victims, are Rick and Carl, thanks to the final line from Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain before he started bashing some brains in. The videos themselves are interesting as well, and while we obviously won’t know for sure which character it is until later this year when the seventh season premieres, these two theories seem to be some of the strongest to surface from the fan community so far.

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Alex Welch

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  • David Johnson

    Still say the writers are punks & it will end up being Eugene, figure that’s why they started giving His character a set in the 2nd 1/2 of the season.

    • lawyerdude666

      Can’t be Eugene. See my comment above.

  • My theory is that it is and always has been Glenn but the producers have chosen to stir intrigue and outrage to stretch out what will ultimately be disappointing to the rabid fans who follow the comics.

  • lawyerdude666

    Can’t be anyone to the right of Rick unless the director wasn’t paying attention: Negan nods his head to the right and says to pull out Carl’s eye and feed it to Rick, which means that he was already past Rick. That means it can’t be Eugene, which would have been a punk move by the writers. If they were following the graphic novel, it’d be Glenn, which means it won’t be, IMO, given their penchant for taking liberties, and the fact that you don’t hear Maggie shriek when he swings Lucille. Not likely to be Michonne bc you don’t hear Rick freak out. Not likely Rosita or Sasha bc you don’t hear Abraham freak out. That leaves Daryl and Abraham as the two possible victims. Fans would absolutely revolt if it was Daryl, which makes it very likely that it was Abraham, especially given the facts that 1) viewers don’t have that much of a vested emotional attachment to him, and 2) he puffed up and gave Negan a fuck-you stare down when Negan paused in front of him. Taking out Abraham–the strongest of them–would send a message that they can take out Rick’s group’s biggest and baddest so they can take down any of the rest of you that they want. All that having been said, the fact that they left us hanging could very well mean it’s Daryl bc otherwise they’d lose a substantial portion of their viewership coming back into the new season bc people would be so pissed off. My money is on Abraham.

    • lawyerdude666

      Also, can’t be Maggie bc they already killed off one pregnant (OK she had just given birth, but it’s close enough) woman, and Glenn didn’t scream.

      • In the novels Glenn takes the first hit as well.

    • They have been foreshadowing Glenn all season. Glenn discovers pictures of men with their heads bashed in. When Negan says, “And You!” The camera cuts to Glenn. When he introduces Lucille the camera cuts to Glenn. Glenn’s initial almost death by the dumpster was hinting that his days are numbered. It’s not going to be Daryl. Daryl has to feel guilt over Glenn being brutalized. Although Abraham is an OK guess, it’s most likely Glenn.

      • Great assessment. Pretty much agree with all of the above.