Nintendo Announces NX Console Release Date

By April 30, 2016

Nintendo has announced the date in which its console will hit the streets. Yes, the date is… (drum roll please).. Is March 2017? That’s ok, right?

I mean we’ll get to see it at E3 in June, so no problem there…Wait, E3 is a no-go? Nintendo has promised the new hardware will be unveiled at some point later this year it turns out, and I cannot say that any of this news makes this gamer happy. I get that the folks at Nintendo would probably like some dev time, as well as a moment to allow the new Legend of Zelda (2016) the chance to shine on the holiday stage but, to forgo the holiday season for a console launch at least in this geeky gamers eyes seems suspect (CNET).

With all the negatives out in the open, my hope is that the console debuts later this year with a healthy arsenal of launch titles (a first for Nintendo since the Nintendo 64).  A marketing plan that blows its target demographic out of the water and hopefully a design that entices some oohs and awes. I have faith in the 100-plus year old game maker.Nintendo has a knack for playing things safe and smart

Nation, what do you think about these latest developments in the world of Nintendo? Are you up for another Nintendo console?

The Nintendo NX will be released in March 2017.

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Cory Naught
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  • Devin Christopher Norris

    Almost started to like and subscribe to this site, but then I noticed the complete lack of time/date/year information on this article. Reporting on and reading-up on games, comics, movies, etc can be tricky and misleading here on the internet. Those timestamps are important documentation.