No One Dies in First Look at Seth MacFarlane’s ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’

By January 2, 2014


Color us disappointed by the first official still from Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West, considering that it doesn’t appear that anyone is even close to dying and there doesn’t seem to be any lingering ways to die circling overhead (with a million ways, you’d think there would be something lurking just all the time).

The first still comes to us from Universal Pictures (via ComingSoon), and while no one dies in it, it does appear to have a fun sense of Western set and costume design. Just look at Neil Patrick Harris’ mustache! Observe the frills on Amanda Seyfried’s dress! Revel in the vest-wearing MacFarlane! Fine, fine, this whole thing looks like it’s been ripped straight out of a comedy skit with no sense of what the Old West looked like, but what else could you expect from MacFarlane, who happily exists and creates in his own slightly skewed world?


The film is indeed a thoroughly MacFarlane feature, as the “Family Guy” creator and Ted director directs, produces, co-writes, and stars in the film. MacFarlane plays a “cowardly sheep farmer” who begs his way out of an ill-advised gunfight, resulting in his reportedly “fickle” girlfriend leaving him. See where cowardice will get you? However, “a mysterious and beautiful woman rides into town” and ultimately helps MacFarlane’s cowardly farmer harness his courage and, yes, the pair start falling in love. Sweet, right? Did we mention that the beautiful and mysterious woman has an outlaw hubby and he’s about to ride right into MacFarlane’s hometown? Doesn’t look like he’ll be getting away from that gunfight after all.

A Million Ways to Die in the West also stars Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Sarah Silverman, and Giovanni Ribisi, proving that even big Hollywood stars like to horse around in anachronistic Western ware.

A Million Ways to Die in the West opens on May 30.

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  • Timothy Pamphlett

    A million ways to die in the west definitely sounds interesting, might watch it!