Now They’re Making a Feature Film About Marshmallow Peeps

By April 23, 2014

In a move that sure sounds like someone forgot when Easter was this year, filmmaker Adam Rifkin has announced that he is planning on launching a movie centered on the antics of fluffy marshmallow treats known as “Peeps.” And, yes, Peeps are best known as an Easter treat, so it seems as if this news should have leaked out, oh, sometime last week? You know, before Easter?

Deadline reports that Rifkin – best known for films like Detroit Rock City and Underdog – has optioned both the film and television rights to the candy treat (I can’t believe this is actually about candy ) alongside his producing partners Brent Tinter and Brian E. Rochlin.

Rifkin and his partners will reportedly turn the Peeps – again, this is candy – into a “Lego Movie-esque family epic set the night before a Peeps diorama contest, when a wayward Peep gets misplaced and must adventure through the fantasy lands of different-themed dioramas before the contest’s judging begins.” (You can check out a sample of such a diorama below – this one depicts the television show Homeland in Peep form.)


Rifkin reportedly “got the idea from watching his niece and nephew construct their own Peeps diorama for a school project. That led him to discover the elaborate annual contests hosted by the likes of the Washington Post, whose winning entry this year was a black and white diorama of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s iconic ‘I Have A Dream’ speech – fashioned, of course, entirely out of the sugar-dusted marshmallows.”

And while we have a lot of questions about these dioramas, this actually does sound kind of adorable, in a sickly sweet and weirdly candy-coated way. The film is slated to be a full-length animated feature, though there’s no word yet on what style of animation the film will employ, though we suspect it won’t go the hand-drawn route, all the better to make those Peeps look like Peeps!

We do, however, know that the film will lift still more stuff from The LEGO Movie, as it intends to “fold in pre-existing” characters and such, just “as WB did with Lego minifigs, DC comics characters, and historical and pop culture figures.”

What’s next, Nestle Bunch A Crunch: The Movie? Do not answer that.

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Kate Erbland
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