One Day, You May Be Able To Learn A ‘Defiance’ Alien Language on a New App

By August 4, 2014

Learning a new language can be tough. It’s time-consuming and can be extremely overwhelming, but what if there was a way to learn while playing video games? Instead of carving out time from our busy days to sit down and do something that might otherwise be tedious, what if we could learn while we’re just messing around killing time? A new app called Poptok allows that to happen. You’ve probably played Candy Crush, right? Poptok uses a similar match-three mechanic, but each time you destroy pieces, you learn a new word: a color, a number, small words, and on up to more difficult aspects of language as the levels progress.

Defiance image

And get this – soon, you might even be able to learn fictional languages! On Syfy’s “Defiance” (read our exclusive interview with the cast here), a certain race of aliens speaks a language called Castithan, and since the cast of that series loves the Poptok app so much, they’ve reached out to linguist David J. Peterson (the guy who came up with the languages on the series, as well as Dothraki and Valyrian for “Game of Thrones” and the language of the Dark Elves in Thor: The Dark World) to see if he’d be willing to integrate the Castithan language into the Poptok app:


Pretty cool, right? I wonder if Dothraki and Klingon will ever be added.

There are a bunch of celebrities talking about it already, and with the concept of “guilt free gaming” being front and center with this app, it’s pretty easy to see why they’re digging it.







Even “Game of Thrones” star Alfie Allen is getting in on the action on Instagram:


So instead of feeling like a lazy bum while sitting on the couch playing video games, Poptok provides “guilt free gaming.” Check out the app for yourself and expand your horizons a little bit – and maybe one day soon, you can expand them all the way into a fictional universe.

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  • Brian M Shackleford

    NIce! Kids will love this and I like Defiance, so win-win. ha

    • Lee Steel

      Yep. Kids will love it. I can’t keep them off my ipad as is, they might as well learn something while they’re on it.

  • Lee Steel

    I wouldn’t mind learning a little Klingon! lol

    • Kathrine C Brady

      I think it’s gonna take more than an app to learn Klingon. LOL

  • Kathrine C Brady

    <3 this.

  • Archie A Stoffel

    Pretty brilliant idea – If you’re going to waste time gaming, you might as well learn from it.

  • Ngaire Alia Sidhu

    So going to try this app. I think it will be awesome if they add Defiance languages.

  • Antonella Ercolani

    Android version? Thx