One To Grow On: Rio And The River Otter

By October 5, 2012

Whilst in my sickbed fighting a 100 degree fever, I found myself combing through YouTube for videos to cheer me up and I found one that did just that…along with a couple tears.

A YouTube subscriber by the name of Sasslang had noticed the following:

“Every evening a river otter comes to play with our daughter’s dog Rio. What was once an acquaintance on the other side of the fence has now become a friend who comes to play through the fence.It has been interesting to watch as their trust of each other has developed over the past several months.”

You know the phrase “Video or it didn’t happen”? Well, it happened.


Sasslang left a comment on her video six months ago saying this went on for several months until the otter stopped coming by. If you question the validity of their friendship, note the submissive pose the otter takes while playing with Rio. That’s love, people.

If these two can get along without prejudice, why can’t we?

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