‘Orange is the New Black’ to Have a “Lighter” Season 3

By May 21, 2015

While at the end of the day it’s still a comedy series, the Netflix original “Orange is the New Black” can still go to some dark places concerning its subject matter. With dramatically potent themes like drug abuse killing off characters within the prison, ending the first season by having the main character beat the antagonist within an inch of her life, and featuring a second season showing something akin to a gang war, it’s pretty easy to see that the show can get pretty dark when it wants to.

Apparently, though, that’s going to change a little bit for the upcoming third season.

According to an interview with THR, series creator Jenji Kohan was tight-lipped about the content of the upcoming season, but did give a hint as to its overall tone. She said, “It’s a little lighter than season 2. We wanted it to get a little gangster in season 2,” with the article itself mentioning similarities to a show like Oz with its level of brutality at certain points during last year’s batch of episodes.

So, what will the third season be about? Apparently, Kohan has hinted at themes of “faith” and “motherhood,” which may not be the punctuation to every episode of the forthcoming season. Instead of making the themes front and center in every episode, Kohan instead likes to, as she puts it, have the themes “humming in the background:” ever present, but not so much that they’ll distract from the dramatic or comedic elements from one episode to the next. Kohan also revealed that like the previous two seasons, there will be episodes devoted to the backstories of characters, and how some of them got into the prison in the first place.

Those episodes have certainly been a highlight, taking an unconventional and non-obtrusive approach to exposition, while still giving a very intimate perspective on the show’s characters. As we learn more about them, we get a greater sense of who they are as human beings, which makes the whole thing feel like a vibrantly populated community.

“Orange is the New Black” will premiere its entire third season on Netflix on June 12th. For more on the series as it unfolds, keep it locked on GeekNation.

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Chris Clow
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  • Sean L

    don’t think this is a bad thing, there were a lot of dark moments for sure in the previous seasons

    • Jane Keating

      Yeah some bits were very shocking and yeah, just plain dark.

      • RogerSmiles

        true, I think that is a part of what makes it such a good series though