Paramount Greenlights Sequel to G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Here’s What Should Be In It

By April 1, 2013

With the Transformers franchise currently casting leads for its fourth live-action movie, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Paramount Pictures knows how to make some serious money with movies based on toys. Dark of the Moon alone grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, but the Autobots and Decepticons aren’t the only ’80s icons the studio has at their disposal. In 2009, The Mummy director Stephen Sommers brought G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra to life, resulting in a sizable $300 million box office haul, and now director Jon M. Chu’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation has made $132 mil in its first weekend. You hear that sound? That’s the sound of cash registers going off as cartoonish dollar signs replace the pupils in studio executives’ eyes.

Unsurprisingly, Variety reports that after seeing that kind of money come in, Paramount has already given the go-ahead for a third film in the G.I. Joe franchise. Details on the sequel are still scarce at this point, but here are a few things we’d like to see from the next G.I. Joe movie.

Jon M. Chu return to direct

The studio delayed Retaliation a full nine months to accommodate a 3D conversion that the director himself didn’t initially plan on, so how about giving Chu a crack at another installment and let him do it his way this time? His previous work on the Step Up franchise proved that he knows how to choreograph bodies in motion, and the ninja sequences in Retaliation showed he can translate those skills to the action genre with ease. Plus, it appears that he has a better understanding of the mythos and history of the G.I. Joe characters than his predecessor.

The Rock come back as Roadblock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson led the pack as the male lead this time around, and the dude just oozes charisma (along with massive amounts of head sweat). He’s a proven franchise saver and obviously has a love for his character, so bringing him back for some more ass-kicking makes perfect sense.

A bigger role for Bruce Willis

Let’s face it: Bruce phoned it in on Retaliation. He barely looked awake, and that’s because his part of General Joseph Colton was little more than a cameo with awful dialogue written for him by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. We’re guessing if he has a larger part next time that’s more than a piece of fan service, he’d actually give a little bit of energy to the role.

(Spoiler) The resurrection of Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum took the reigns of this series on Rise of Cobra before he really found his niche as an actor, and after starring in movies like Magic Mike, Haywire, and 21 Jump Street, you could tell there was a marked improvement in his performance as Duke between these two Joe movies. Yes, Roadblock grabbed the dogtags off what appeared to be Duke’s corpse in Retaliation, but come on – this is a G.I. Joe movie we’re talkin’ about! Use nanomyte technology or something to bring him back. Hey, they didn’t even explain Storm Shadow’s resurrection this time after he was STABBED IN THE FREAKING CHEST AND FELL TO A WATERY GRAVE at the end of Rise of Cobra, so pretty much any explanation for Duke’s return would suffice. Tatum and Johnson had some great chemistry together for their brief time on screen, and it’d be a shame to waste that for a reason as inconsequential as a character’s death.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is in theaters now.

What would you like to see in a new G.I. Joe movie? Sound off below.

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