Paramount Says “No” to ‘Team America: World Police’ Screenings

By December 18, 2014

After a series of threats were issued to American movie theaters over the showing of it, Sony gave theaters the option not to screen the Seth Rogen-James Franco film The Interview — which they took. Quickly thereafter, it was then announced that the film would not open as planned on December 25th (or possibly ever). In response, movie houses around the country — including the famed Alamo Drafthouse — proclaimed that they would screen the 2004 classic Team America: World Police instead…and it was good.

Less than 24 hours later, though, Team America owners Paramount Pictures came along and peed in what was already a pee-filled bowl of Cheerios by canceling said showings of Team America with no stated rhyme or reason. Whether it be a preemptive strike to stay off the radar or whatever, it’s a HUGE mistake. Why? Because “they” now know other huge studios, like Paramount, will fold like a cheap suit. As a result, that could open far too many doors for more B.S. to go down.

We are talking about a ten year old film comprised entirely of puppets, man.



No one was safe from the watchful eye of Trey Parker and Matt Stone when, in the film, even Swedish diplomat and former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix is killed by Kim Jong-il when he is tossed – briefcase and all – into a shark tank while Jong-il happily watches as Blix is eaten alive. (NSFW)

…difference is Blix actually had a sense of humor about it.

With the cancellation of The Interview, Team America: World Police, as well as the upcoming Steve Carell/Gore Verbinski project that was going to take place in North Korea, seems like Hollywood is setting a dangerous precedent and opening the door wide for every nutbag to come forward and shake the trees to see if they can get something to fall out. I may be shooting blindly here, but I feel like if we continue in this direction, we could be looking at another version of the McCarthy Trials that ran and scared the hell out of everyone in Hollywood between the 1940s and 50s.

On the (barely) plus side of this recent news, those who’ve never seen this classic will now know why “freedom costs a buck o’five,” and Netflix is getting a nice boost from all those — myself included — who are “raging against the machine” and watching Team America as we speak, including former Marine and “The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey.

What say you of this news? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this.

But until then…(NSFW)


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  • David Johnson

    I say We all watch “Team America, World Police” on Netflix or what ever online service You use this weekend. Can You Smell Freedom!!!!

  • George Cazares

    It just shows how chickenshit people are. A country whose missiles have only killed sea life within 25 miles of their shoreline couldn’t do a 9/11 style attack. Those assholes can’t even pick their own hairstyles. Paramount and Sony are pathetic.