Pass The Effin’ Remote Blog – No Reservations, Nazi Doctors, Racist Zombies And A Whole Lot Of Coffee. Oh My!

By November 10, 2012

Aaron here, and I’m warning you all right now, I’m ridiculously hopped up on God’s Nectar.  No, not whiskey.  Nope, not water.  EEEH Wrong again! Not passionfruit guava…okay you run out of guesses! It’s coffee, dagnabbit!  I’m filled to the rim with coffee at the moment.  And how apropos since this entry of my weekly Pass The Effin’ Remote Blog will be partially about and completely fueled by COFFEE!

Now, if you haven’t yet listened to this week’s episode of Pass The Effin’ Remote, let me once again take up your time with my regular blathering on about Anthony Bourdain.  Yes, I did attempt and thusly gave up on a season by season recap of No Reservations here on Geek Nation since the show has come to its conclusion this past Monday.  But alas, it seems The Travel Channel just did it way better and for me to truly recap his show, I’d need to write about every single episode because I’m that much of a freak for the show and the man.

In the final episode of what might be the most beautifully shot, yet lazy season (seriously, three episodes were Best Of’s) of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain goes to Brooklyn.  The man is from New York but apparently didn’t know anything about the city.  Here, he’s joined by everyone from Talib Kweli to Michael K Williams (Omar comin’!) and yes, his trusty sidekick Zamir and culinary best friend Eric Ripert even make appearances.

I’m sad to see No Reservations come to a close but thankfully, it looks like Anthony Bourdain will not be disappearing from the public’s consciousness anytime soon! And after this past Monday night’s Twitter rant towards The Travel Channel and Cadillac, I’m really aching to see how his show will evolve on CNN come the new year.

Also, The Mind Of A Chef premiered this week on PBS and holy crap, David Chang! There’s also the new cooking competition show he’s bringing to ABC with Nigella Lawson in the very near future. Between all this, his graphic novel, the new season of The Layover, his writing work on Treme (anyone still watch this show?) and the $18 dark chocolate bar he’s releasing with Eric Ripert. I think it’s pretty obvious Anthony Bourdain isn’t going anywhere, Gilbert!

So, onto the coffee part of the discussion (I’m on my third cup). Travel Channel has made a smart move by adding a new show that has immediately become my new tv show obsession. Mind you, if you don’t watch Travel Channel, I highly recommend you do. Shows like Trip Flip and The Dead Files provide some interesting programming. But they don’t compare to my new favorite show, Dangerous Grounds!

The guy pictured above is Todd Carmichael and he’s a fucking maniac. It’s like they took one part Indiana Jones and one part Anthony Bourdain, poured them into a vat of coffee and hit blend! It only took ten minutes of watching and I was completely enthralled by the show. I have to wonder, though, how many camera men he’ll go through by season’s end cuz…well…he does some dangerous shit! I’m beyond excited for next week’s episode. Then again, I’ve been known to geek out about coffee the way some people do about wine.

And while I’m on the topic of geeking out (and while I’m extremely caffeinated) I’d like to give a shout out to American Horror Story for bringing Hans Gruber back into America’s consciousness.

But not this Hans Gruber….

But yeah, this past week’s episode of American Horror Story had a Nazi doctor, Anne Frank and a rather disturbing lesbian re-education scene that left me wondering if FX just gives Ryan Murphy and Co. a pass to put whatever they damn well please on TV. And if so, then keep this disturbing content coming cuz I’m a fan!

In the meantime…

Some of you may recall I named Last Resort the best new show on TV before then recanting that and putting Nashville in its place. Well, it seems like Nashville is losing me. I know, I know. It’s luster seems to be fading and each episode I seem to want more music and less acting. I guess maybe I should be watching CMT instead?

And how about that Last Resort!? Just when I was writing off the show for becoming too “Michael Bay”, this week’s episode “Another Fine Navy Day” yanked me back in! All it took was the first five minutes and the words “Chemical Attack” to appear on the screen and I was back on board the Last Resort submarine! But ABC has yet to pick up the show for a full season, so there’s no knowing how much longer said submarine will be around for.

I suppose I should bring this post to a close by mentioning Comedy Central’s insanely good sketch comedy show Key And Peele. Each episode is solid. Their Halloween episode was fucking hilarious, including a sketch about racist zombies and a human centipede reunion, to name a few.

I have a friend who is a writer on the show, which is now in its second season. Upon Barack Obama’s re-election Tuesday night, he took to Twitter thanking everyone for their vote. Why, you ask?

Because, Luther. That’s why!

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