Pass The Effin’ Remote Blog: Louie Goes Away, Nashville Premieres and Walton Goggins Does Drag!

By October 12, 2012

For those of you unaware, I’m co-host of the world’s most amazing new TV podcast: Pass The Effin’ Remote here on Geek Nation. Since there is so much TV out there, and we’ll pretty much never get to all of it, I figured this would be the perfect place to highlight other items from the week as well as preview what we have in store for future episodes.

So, let’s get to it then.

It was recently announced by FX that Louie CK will be taking a much needed hiatus and his brilliant show Louie will not be returning to the small screen until 2014. I understand, the man is a genius. He writes, directs, acts in and edits almost all the episodes himself. I don’t fault the man at all. But…if the Mayans were right, I believe this may be the first real sign that the world is ending. No, seriously. Aaron sad.

We recently touched on the fact that Community is returning this year in the death slot of Friday nights after new episodes of Whitney (stab me in the goddamn eyes please!). Well, after we talked about this, it came out that NBC is postponing the premiere of Community. Speculation is that they are either figuring out a different way to market the show OR they will actually be moving it to a different night. Let’s cross our fingers for the latter. Aaron needs his Troy and Abed fix!

CBS (my favorite network!) is the first one to see a new fall show being axed. That’s right, Made In Jersey, a show we never talked about and one I had absolutely zero interest in has been canceled. I think it’s safe to say, as a culture, we’ve had enough New Jersey on TV. While I’m at it, let’s all rejoice that it’s the final season of Jersey Shore! Now let’s all get back to Honey Boo Boo and Hillbilly Handfishin’ cuz The South is where it’s at! Am I right, or am I right?

Speaking of Honey Boo Boo, you all have seen this little gem, right?

Anyway…as I write this, Nashville, Arrow and Chicago Fire have all since premiered. We’ll be discussing these shows in further detail in our upcoming episode but here’s some first impressions.

Arrow: How many damn billionaires need to be superheroes? Seriously. I suggest an Arrow + Batman + Iron Man death match. Also, I don’t read comic books so can someone explain to me how a guy who was stuck on an island for 5 years remained in such fit physical shape? Hasn’t anyone seen Cast Away?

Chicago Fire: So far, this just seems like a fantasy for a bunch of females (and a few men I know). Hot shirtless firemen procedural show featuring Dr. Chase from House, that hot Latina chick from Lie To Me and Howlin’ Wolf from Cadillac Records. This show so wants to be Rescue Me. I think I would rather just watch Rescue Me.

Nashville: Yeehaw! This is my favorite premiere of the week and possibly my favorite new show of the season! I can’t quite tell yet. Should I suggest a Nashville + Last Resort + Revolution + New Normal deathmatc….oh you get the point. Connie Britton can’t lose in my book. And then there’s (as Jack likes to call her) Hayden Pantytown! She plays such a biiiiitch! You know, pretty much any show with Powers Boothe in it wins my seal of approval. Plus, I apparently like Country music now.

Oh before I forget, I guess I should admit right here and now that I’m a fan of The X Factor. I’m not sure why. And while I am not up to date yet on the most recent episodes, I’m wondering if any of you might be able to inform me as to why my favorite auditioner Panda Ross was nowhere to be seen in Boot Camp. She was awesome. Please tell me she didn’t succumb to that nasty case of pneumonia or something.

Random thought: can we all agree that The Mythbusters should just stick to what they do best and not try and be funny? I mean, I’m sure we can pretty much ALL agree that James Cameron isn’t good at being funny….

Well that is, unless it’s the James Cameron On South Park.

I think I’ve rambled on enough here. Time to wrap this thing up.

But before I go, I should state that I’m literally counting the days until The Walking Dead premieres. Until then, I’m looking for real highlights in my TV viewing week. Sure, Supernatural and Dexter are already more entertaining than they were last year but honestly, I don’t think we’ll really be talking about anything else in our new episode of Pass The Effin’ Remote except Walton Goggins in drag.

God bless you Sons Of Anarchy. Best. Episode. Evar!

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