Pass The Effin’ Remote: TV Podcast Comes To GeekNation

By October 1, 2012

Hi, My name is Aaron Pruner and I’m addicted to television.

That’s why it made perfect sense that I would eventually be hosting a podcast about TV on GeekNation. That’s right, I and my partner in crime Jack Conway, are hosting a weekly TV podcast right here on GeekNation and you’re invited. We’ll be talking about all things TV, from this fall’s new pilots to classic shows that rerun in syndication, and everything in between. What qualifies us to host such an important podcast? Well, I’ll tell ya.

My television obsession started at a very young age. By the time I was 8 years old, I had the channel line-up memorized and the highlight of my week was receiving The TV Guide in the mail (look it up kids). The one character I seemed to relate to mostly back then was Mike Teavee from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. Hours and hours of boob tube viewing has collectively rotted my brain, at least that’s something my mother would like to think.

Alas, years later I became friends with one Jack Conway. Upon first meeting the dashing young man, he gave me Play-Doh. It was weird. I still have that play-do somewhere. I’m weird. Over the years, the one main constant between us seemed to be entertainment on the big screen and small. It was the debates over television that kept things interesting. We were like Abbott and Costello. Martin and Lewis. Statler and Waldorf.

Throughout the past two decades, Jack has been a Producer, a Director, a candlestick maker (you should see how he handles that wax!). He helped create some of the Internet’s first serialized content with the sci-fi series “Amanda Hades” as well as early fan-favorite “Geek-Week”. I swear, he has video of him talking to Joss Whedon somewhere. He later produced and wrote for TV “Movies With More Brains” and “Vicious Circle”, as well as FEARnet’s popular weekly web series “FEARnet’s: Fear News With The Last Girl” and Machinima’s “The Four”. So, obviously, the man has had his hands in many pots and knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

I kept myself busy over that span of time as well. In the 90s, I began my acting career by playing the nerd Percy on “Saban’s VR Troopers”. With various other jobs in front of the TV camera on shows such as “E.R.” and “General Hospital”, I moved on to appear in roughly 23 commercials. While Jack was knee deep in Geeks each Week (see what I did there?), I was the co-creator and head writer of a short lived sketch comedy group called “The Nimble Vagrants”. From there, I co-wrote and co-starred in a sitcom pilot “Vista Del Monte” which won the 2010 Wit’s End Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition.

Roughly, around the time I returned from Chicago, our paths crossed once again. And soon, Jack and I were debating on the state of entertainment once more. This was how our drunken movie review show, “Booze Reviews” came about. While short lived, it led us down that familiar path to watching and talking all things TV related. He would rave about his obsession with “Transformers” and the genius of “My Little Pony” whilst I would fume over Fox’s decision to get rid of “Lie To Me” and “Human Target” for the short lived dinosaur driven train wreck that was “Terra Nova”.

Our new podcast is coming to a computer near you starting Tuesday October 2nd, and continuing each week thereafter. We’ll be delivering our thoughts, our rants, and possibly our praise on all things TV. So get ready to have your ear holes caressed by our lilting voices, because “Pass The Effin’ Remote With Jack And Aaron” is coming exclusively to GeekNation.

Mike TV would be so proud.

Follow Aaron @AaronFlux & Jack @flatlinejack and let them know what you want to talk about on “Pass the Effin’ Remote.”

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Aside from throwing words onto your screen here, he has written for the likes of FEARnet, Examiner, Dread Central and MTV Movies Blog. And yes, he was Percy on VR Troopers.