Patrick Stewart’s Career Goes To Poop In ‘Emoji Movie’

By January 19, 2017

He’s a celebrated Shakespearean actor. He had a chance to play an iconic role in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was even knighted by the queen herself, Elizabeth II.

But Patrick Stewart didn’t truly make it in this world until the British newspaper The Guardian ran a secondary headline saying the 76-year-old actor “will take on the role of a pile of excrement in a new animated comedy.”

Yes, you read that right. Sir Patrick Stewart, Jean-Luc Picard himself, will play the “poo emoji” in Columbia Pictures’ upcoming The Emoji Movie.

The actor, known for his stage and screen work, will play Poop alongside Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller, Broad City star Ilana Glazer and James Corden.

We’re still trying to figure out which Sony Entertainment executive thought it would be a good idea to do an entire movie about the silly emoticons we post at each other in text messages, but it appears the studio is going through with this full throttle.

Anthony Leondis – best known for doing direct-to-video sequels of some of your animated favorites – is working to bring this film to life, which will take those who buy a ticket to this on a wild ride through some teenager’s cell phone.

If you couldn’t tell, we don’t have high hopes for this, except that hopefully no one will watch it, and Stewart’s career will be safe.

Since Stewart’s Starz series Blunt Talk was cancelled, it’s likely the actor was looking for something to do. However, he has been keeping busy working on the comedy Wilde Wedding with Glenn Close and John Malkovich, as well as the highly anticipated X-Men solo film Logan with Hugh Jackman.

So did Stewart simply lose a bet? Does Sony have some dirt on him that they threatened to expose?

We’re not sure. But maybe it’s so he has a chance to work with The Late Late Show host Corden again, considering how well the two got along during the Glamour awards in 2010. (To be fair, they did make up later, but that would ruin a good story).

Anyway, if Sony has something on you and you’re required to buy a ticket, The Emoji Movie hits theaters and begins the start of the end of the world Aug. 4. We mean, hey, it features a pile of poop that sounds just like Professor X.

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Michael Hinman

Michael Hinman

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  • John Ikarus

    Jean luc Picard should make a cameo on the new Star Trek as a BORG!
    Locutus lives!

  • anjeta

    Just let the poor man be.