Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga Officially Returning for ‘The Conjuring’ Sequel in 2015

By February 26, 2014

It’s the week before the Oscars, and that means that a lot of movie-obsessed people are reminiscing about the best films of last year and wondering which one will take home the top prize on Sunday night. James Wan’s The Conjuring won’t win any awards this weekend, but I consider it to be one of the best films of the year; it was expertly directed, scary as hell, and featured terrific performances all around.

Talk of a sequel has been brewing ever since the movie raked in a ton of money at the box office, and now Variety reports that stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are officially coming back for The Conjuring 2, which has secured a release date of October 23rd, 2015. Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes, who wrote the original film, are on board as writers for this sequel, but a director hasn’t been hired yet. We’re pretty certain James Wan won’t be returning, since he has gone on record saying he’s “finished with the horror genre,” so we’ll have to see who the studio recruits to take his place. I’m a little bummed that Wan won’t be back because he did such a tremendous job with the first film, but I totally get where he’s coming from – the dude has made almost nothing but horror movies for the past decade, and now that he’s moved on to directing Fast & Furious 7, his future is wide open.

The Conjuring 3

As for the return of Farmiga and Wilson, anyone who enjoyed the first movie should be happy about this news. They elevated the roles of real life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (read more about the real couple here), and the end of The Conjuring hinted that the duo would be moving on to the case at the center of The Amityville Horror – but since that film was just remade a few years ago, we’re guessing The Conjuring 2 will follow a different story altogether.

The 2015 movie calendar is going to be brutal for a lot of films, but this one should escape relatively unscathed since it’s the first movie to lock down an October 23rd release date, meaning it isn’t going up against a big superhero movie or tentpole release from another studio (yet). Keep in mind, too, that The Conjuring is getting a spin-off about Annabelle, the creepy doll featured in the first film. A cast has been found, and that project is already filming, and it rumored to be released later this year.

Excited about The Conjuring 2? What did you think of the first film? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • The Conjuring was great! I can’t wait to see what they do with a sequel. I briefly spoke to Lorraine Warren and it was quite a privilege.