‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ Sequel on the Way, Co-Written By and Starring Kevin James

By January 7, 2014

Paul Blart 1

Kevin James, a harmless enough actor who wiggled his way in to the Adam Sandler troupe of actors over the past few years, has co-written a sequel to one of his most ridiculous films – Paul Blart: Mall Cop. And now, according to THR, the mustachioed security guard will again try to ride his Segway into the hearts of America.

Andy Fickman, director of such films as She’s The Man, The Game Plan, and Parental Guidance, will replace original director Steve Carr behind the camera for Blart’s next adventure. No story points have been revealed yet, although one can assume it’ll involve James pratfalling and making out with a woman who’s insanely out of his league.

Paul Blart 2

Somehow, the original Paul Blart made almost $150 million worldwide back in 2009, so it makes complete financial sense for Sony to churn out another one of these godforsaken things. Apparently the same people who love watching Adam Sandler get spit on turn out in droves for these kinds of movies, and though it baffles me, I guess I just need to adopt a “to each his own” policy when it comes to Sandler and his cronies.

Anyway, because this kind of project typifies the kind of studio fear that has a hold over Hollywood these days, I’m betting they’ll post-convert it to 3D in order to swipe some more cash out of audience’s pockets. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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