Paul Feig To Direct Spy Film ‘Susan Cooper’: Five Great Female Spies

By June 20, 2013

It looks like Daniel Craig may have some serious competition.

According to The Wrap, Paul Feig is developing a film called Susan Cooper, a comedy that follows a James Bond-like female spy. No word yet on who his leading lady will be.

Although there have been a string of notable Bond spoofs throughout movie history, Susan Cooper reportedly won’t be a parody.

Feig will serve as the film’s writer and producer. The filmmaker is credited with bringing about substantial change for women in film industry. The success of his ensemble comedy Bridesmaids, led to what the Hollywood Reporter dubbed the “Bridesmaids Effect,” in which studio execs have been forced to recognize the demand for female-driven projects.

While Feig is best know for the bawdy 2011 hit, much of his directorial work has been for TV. The 50-year-old has directed episodes of shows like “Arrested Development”, “30 Rock”, and “The Office.” He’s also proven that he has capabilities outside of comedy, directing an episode of “Mad Men” and multiple episodes of “Nurse Jackie.”

Feig’s newest film, The Heat, is another female-centric project, this one centering the pairing of a FBI agent (Sandra Bullock) and an outrageous Boston cop (Melissa McCarthy).

Susan Cooper could make for a nice addition to films featuring kick-ass lady agents.

In honor of this announcement, we wanted to take a look back at five great female spies from the world of film.

Halle Berry, Die Another Die: There’s a reason why audiences will remember Halle Berry more than anything else in the 2002 James Bond installment. Jinx proves to be far more than just another one of 007 conquests. She welds knives, puts Bond in his place, and really knows how to rock an orange bikini. (Editor’s note: The character was even supposed to have her own spin-off movie, but development stalled and it never came to pass.)

Anne Parillaud, La Femme Nikita: The 1990 film is a classic for two reasons – Luc Besson’s direction and Parillaud’s portrayal of the title character. Nikita, a criminal who begins working for the French government as an assassin, isn’t just one of the best female spies to hit the screen, she’s one of the best female characters period.

Honor Blackman, Goldfinger: Pussy Galore isn’t one of the most memorable bond girls solely due to her name. Blackman’s delivery of the 1964 film’s witty one liners also accounts for why the character remains a cinematic icon.

Diane Kruger, Inglourious Basterds: Pretty much everything about Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 flick is awesome, but Kruger’s portrayal of Bridget von Hammersmarck, a German actress working as a spy, is the icing on the (often-violent) cake.

Angelina Jolie, Salt: Jolie’s turn as an American/Russian spy on the run is pretty remarkable considering the part was initially written for a man. But the 2010 hit wasn’t the Oscar-winner’s first spy role. She previous portrayed a tough as nails agent in the 2005 flick Mr and Mrs Smith.

Who are some of your favorite female spies? Sound off below.

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