Paul Rudd Head Back to Pawnee for ‘Parks & Recreation’ Final Season

By December 30, 2014

We already know the final season of “Parks & Recreation” will see the return of Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, and even last season’s finale guest star Jon Hamm will pop up too. And now another past guest star is coming back for a last hurrah.

EW reports Paul Rudd will head back to Pawnee as the Sweetums heir Bobby Newport, who previously ran against Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) for a set on the City Council. Newport was a very charismatic candidate, but also dimwitted, plagued by Daddy issues, and basically a manchild.

So what’s Newport up to in the final season? Well, Ben (Adam Scott) is on the hunt to fill a certain position, and for some reason, Bobby Newport is a prime candidate for the job. Just what that job could be, executive producer Michael Schur doesn’t specify, but we’re just glad Rudd is coming back.

Paul Rudd

The actor’s arc in the fourth season of the series was one of my favorite storylines, and his character was hilarious. Plus, Rudd’s just a good guy. Schur says, “He’s the world’s nicest human being—and the funniest. We made a list of all the people that we wanted to have back and he was high on the list, so we managed to snag him.”

Having interviewed both Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler at the Sundance Film Festival last year, I can confirm that when these two get together, even when the cameras aren’t rolling, it’s always gold. It’s a good thing that Rudd was able to fit in this guest spot while filming the Marvel Studios flick Ant-Man.

And if you need your fix of Poehler and Rudd before “Parks & Recreation” returns in January (and runs through their episodes all too quickly), may I recommend seeking out the romantic comedy spoof They Came Together. It’s every bit as good as classic parodies like Young Frankenstein and Airplane!, so don’t expect something stupid like Scary Movie. The trailer doesn’t do it justice, but check it out:

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